Dan Packer is a madman among men. With a unique sense of humor and a talent for absurdity, he wrote and directed his first full-length feature film at the age of 20. This film won no academy awards, but has been described by some as “genius!” and “a man-sized rump roast of jokes that does not stop serving!”

Since then, Dan has forcefully injected his insanity into every project he’s touched, standing out from your everyday milquetoast director. He’s helmed music videos for huge artists like Steve Aoki, Will.I.Am, Linkin’ Park and Prince Royce. In the commercial world, he’s directed projects for Meow Mix, 1-800 Contacts, Plum Organics and Medtronic Diabetes.

Dan’s unique vision produces content like none the world has ever seen. He knows just when to rely on his mastery of comedic subtlety or explode into a whirlwind of in-your-face absurdity. His special concoction of visual insanity and bizarre comedy is one spicy pill to swallow!